How To Convert 3 Phase Welder To Single Phase Welder

Probably You have a 3 phase welder. Now you want to convert it single phase. That’s why you here. Here I Try to simply show you how to convert 3 phase welder to a single phase. First Of all, I want to make clear the concept of a Three-phase welder and a Single-phase welder.

What is a single-phase welder?

Phase is related to live wire in the circuit Which refers to the distribution of load. A single-phase welder circuit 2 alternating current wire, one is live and another one is neutral. The current flow between the live and neutral wire in the back and forth direction.

Uses Of Single Phase Welder

-Home Appliance

-Hobby Work

-Small garage and home shop

-Light MAnufacturing Work

What Is 3 Phase welder?

A 3 phase welder uses 3 ac wires in a circuit apart by 120 degrees. Every Wire Carry 60 Hz Power. you will get a higher welding current with a higher duty cycle.

Uses Of 3 Phase Welder

-Heavy Metal Industries

-Power Grid and Datacenter

-Large garage shop and Industrial Building

-Aircraft and shipboard manufacturing

how to convert 3 phase welder to single phase

If you want to convert a 3 phase welder to a single-phase, it’s not as simple as taking some wires off of it – that would just make your single-phase welder three stroked. You need an inverter or some other transformer device to transfer the properties from the standard 3-phase power system into a single-phase (normal in the outside USA) powering system.

Using Capacitor:

In a three-phase welder, Every phase produces 60Hz AC power, and the distance between the power and each phase is 120 Degree. So in total, They carried 360 Degrees.
On The other hand, the single-phase powers are 180 degrees apart from each other. With the right configuration of capacitors, you can run your 3 phase welder in single phase By keeping 2 phases 180 degrees apart, and the other one keeps in the middle. When the 3 phase welder will start spinning, the capacitor will store the power of the third phase produce.
Here a Ques, “How much capacitance do I need?”
Here the formula to calculate the capacitance of a capacitor,
I = 2 * π * F * C * V

I=Current in Amperes
C=Capacitance in Farads

Open Delta Transformer System:

An Open Delta Transformer System Also able to convert 3 phases to phase welder easily. It can Handle Conversion Up To 5KVA.

A phase Rotary Converter:

A PHase rotary Converter Machine helps You To convert 3-1 Phase welder through rotary motion.

For My Garage Shop, How to determine Which Welder do I need?

Firstly, If You Need 110v/220v/ output voltage for your garage for your home, go for a single-phase welder. And If You need 600v/480v/380v output Voltage, you better buy 3 phase welder. It depends on the power required.

Secondly, A single-phase welder can weld up to 3/8″inch mild steel. If you need to weld Thicker than 3/8″ mild steel, you have to purchase a 3 phase welder for higher voltage input.

Problem Related To Convert 3 phase welder To 1 phase:

-You can weld smoothly, but you can’t say its great
-Lac Of penetration
-Because Of High resistance, It prevents current flow


To Convert a 3 phase Welder to a single-phase is possible but not worth it at all. It can’t give you as nice welding as an arc do. However, You can follow the above method if your welder does not require a high level of accuracy.

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