Best Gasless MIG Welder 2023

MIG welding can be costly, especially when you have to purchase a gas cylinder and other accompanying accessories. But does it have to be? The truth is MIG welding can still be achieved even without a gas cylinder.

This is what is called gasless MIG welding. Gasless MIG welding involves the use of a self-shielding wire. The latter wire comes with a flux-core coating that releases a shielding gas when burnt.

Now that we know a little bit about what gasless MIG welding is, the next question is, which is the best gasless MIG welder? We have compiled a list of four gasless MIG welders that you should consider.

At the top of the list is the SUNGOLDPOWER welder. This is the most versatile and powerful on the list. With its current range, it can weld thicker sheets of metal.

In second place is the YESWELDER Digital MIG-205DS MIG Welder, which also delivers 205 amps of max power output. All the same, all the welders on the list are worth the money.

In a glance at today’s top gasless MIG welders

What is gasless MIG welding?

A gasless MIG welder is a type of MIG welding that does not require the use of a separate gas tank to supply shielding gas. In a no gas MIG welder, the shielding gas is generated when the electrode burns and releases gas.

The gasless MIG wire has a flux core coating that releases a shielding gas when burnt.

Advantages of gasless MIG welding

  • Gasless MIG welders are lightweight and convenient to use since you do not need a separate gas tank to operate them.
  • Unlike gas MIG welding, gasless MIG welding can be done on dirty or rusted surfaces.
  • Gasless MIG welding can be done outdoors as opposed to gas MIG welding that can only be done indoors.
  • Generally, it is easier to work with gasless mig welders than with gas MIG welders.
  • Gasless MIG welding has greater deposition efficiency, which translates to faster welding.

Disadvantages of gasless MIG welding

  • Overhead or vertical welding with a gasless MIG welder is not all that easy.
  • Has a higher likelihood of producing toxic fumes that contain Argon, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen fluoride

Gas vs. gasless MIG welding

So should you go for gasless or gas MIG welding? This is an important question, whose answer depends on several things. That being said, let’s look at how these two MIG welding processes compare and contrast.

Gas vs. gasless MIG welding Comparison Table

Gasless MIG weldingGas MIG welding
WeightLightweight and convenientNeed a separate gas tank to operate
Working surface Welding can be done on dirty or rusted surfacesNeed clean surfaces
Work Arena Best for industrial projectsBest for fabrication purposes
FumesProduce a lot of fumesProduce fewer fumes
Welding PositionOverhead or vertical welding position is difficultAll positions can be done
Easy of UseEasier than Gas MIG WeldingIs not all that easy

Ease of use

With gas MIG welding, you have to clean the surface of all and any surface contaminants. With gasless MIG welding, this is not a necessity. As such, gasless MIG welding is more suited for industrial projects. Gas MIG welding is better for fabrication purposes, where the aesthetics of the finished product matter.

Outdoor usage

If you plan on welding outdoors, then we recommend going with a gasless MIG welder. But if your welding is restricted indoors, then gas MIG welder can be an option. Gasless MIG welding can be done outdoors in different weather conditions.

Welding position

Where gasless MIG welding lags behind gas, MIG welding is in regards to welding position. It is easier to weld vertically with gas MIG welding than welding with gasless MIG welding.


In regards to fumes, the gas MIG welder again comes out on top. Gas MIG welding does not produce as many fumes as gasless MIG welding. Nonetheless, there is protection equipment you can use to protect yourself from these fumes.

what you need to think about before Switching to Gasless MIG Welding

Before switching to gasless MIG welding, there are a couple of things you will need to consider;

Choosing the right welder

Gasless MIG welding requires a constant voltage power source. As such, you need a welder that can maintain the right voltage throughout the welding process. If the welder is incapable of maintaining the voltage, it will lead to mistakes.

Selecting the wire

Flux core wires used for gasless MIG welding comes in different sizes. The wire you choose has to be perfectly suited to your welding needs.

There is cleaning involved

While gasless MIG welding can be done on dirty metal surfaces, there is still some cleaning to be done. It is recommended to clean the metal surface between passes. This helps get rid of any contaminants that can cause fusion issues.

4 Best gasless mig welder Reviews

Let Have a look at what each welder on our list has to offer.


Key Features

  • 110v/220v dual voltage
  • 60% duty cycle
  • 200 amps max output
  • 1.5-16m/min wire feed speed range
  • 0.03~ 0.039 in flux core wire range

Product Overviews

The SUNGOLDPOWER 200amp MIG welder is a great all-around welding machine. It is capable of both MIG and stick welding. Though what we were more interested in is how it performs as a gasless MIG welder.

Right out of the box, this welder is designed for MIG welding. It accommodates both flux-core and solid MIG wires. And the best part is both wires use the same adapter. Thus there is no need to switch between two adapters.

Something else we found exceptional with this welder is its adjustable wire feed speed and current. This allows for adjusting the settings to suit different welding applications.

Why It’s Best From Others

  • Has one adapter for both gasless and gas MIG welding
  • With the option of a spool gun, it can weld aluminum.
  • The machine is capable of stick welding as well.
  • It is possible to adjust wire feed speed to suit your welding.
  • It comes with dual voltage capabilities and can run on 110v or 220v outlets


  • It comes with a 0.35 flux-core wire that requires modification to fit into the machine.
  • It does not come with 0.35 MIG tips

YESWELDER Digital MIG-205DS MIG Welder

Key Features

  • 60% duty cycle at 160 amps
  • 0.35 flux core wire
  • 110/115/120v input voltage
  • 205 amp max output
  • One year warranty

Product Overviews

YESWELDER is a relatively new entrant into the welding machines market. However, the company does have an exciting catalog of products. One of the standouts is the Digital MIG-205DS welder.

This is a 3-in-1 welder capable of MIG, TIG, and stick welding. In regards to MIG welding, it is capable of both gasless and gas MIG welding. As for its output, you get an impressive power output of 205 amps for MIG welding.

It can accommodate 0.35 flux core wires as well as 0.35 solid MIG wire. Also, the digital control panel on this welder is a plus. It is easy to use and has everything clearly laid out, making it easy for beginners.

Why It’s Best From Others

  • It is a versatile welder with an easy to use control panel.
  • It comes with a MIG gun included
  • Has a good duty cycle of 60%
  • Can weld 24 gauge steel as well as ¾ inch mild steel
  • Is capable of welding steel as well as aluminum


  • It is a DC only welder.
  • Is not a well-known manufacturer

Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-i MIG Welder

Key Features

  • 8 inch MIG gun
  • 30% duty cycle at 90 amps
  • 8-inch ground clamps
  • 0.30 flux core wire
  • 140 amps max output
  • Variable wire feed speed

Product Overviews

The affordable and lightweight Forney Easy Weld 261 is another great gasless MIG welder. It uses the 0.30 flux core wire and is great for beginner welders.

This welder is large enough to accommodate 2 to 10-pound rolls of wire. When it comes to power output, it manages a decent 140 amps max output. This is sufficient for welding ¼ inch mild steel plates.

You get an 8 inch MIG gun as well as an 8-inch ground clamp. And as mentioned, it weighs 19 pounds, which puts it in the lightweight side of things. The wire feed is also adjustable for different welding applications.

Why I chose this product

  • Weighing 19 pounds, it is quite lightweight.
  • The wire feed speed is adjustable to fit different welding applications.
  • Its 140 amps output is enough to weld ¼ inch mild steel plate.
  • It comes with an 8-inch ground clamp included
  • It has a rugged and solid metal cage construction


  • It only runs on a 120v power plug.
  • It is a gasless flux core only MIG welder.

ETOSHA MIG 160 Welder Portable Flux Core Wire Gasless Automatic Wire Feeding Welder

Key Features

  • 50 to 160 amps output range
  • 15% duty cycle
  • 0.8 to 0.9mm in wire diameter
  • IP21 rating
  • 110v AC power input

Product Overviews

Etosha is another name that you may not have heard of. But the company does make some pretty decent welding machines. And in this review, we chose to focus on the 160 portable flux core welder from the company.

This unit uses 0.8, and 0.9mm flux core wires and uses a 110 AC power input. With its 160 amps max power output, it can easily weld mild steel and stainless steel. One thing we loved about it is that it is beginner-friendly.

Installed in the machine is overload protection. The latter automatically shuts the unit down in the event of an overload. For its size, it also has a large radiator that allows for cooling of the machine.

Why I listed This Product 

  • It is relatively easy to use
  • Automatically shuts off in case of an overload.
  • It comes with a storage space where you can store accessories
  • Is relatively lightweight
  • It has a IP21 rating meaning it is waterproof.


  • Has a relatively low duty cycle of 15%
  • It cannot weld aluminum.


Gasless MIG welding is great for beginners and is friendly on your pocket. However, it does not suit every welding project. Therefore it is important to consider this. Nonetheless, for industrial projects, gasless MIG welding is a great option.

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