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California, the land of dreams and sun. Where the stars are bright and the beaches are sandy. You know what I’m saying. California is located in North America and shares borders with Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona; It has a population of 39 million people which includes 28% Hispanics and 12% African Americans; If you’re a student who wants to study underwater welding and are looking for a good place to start here the Golden State is where you can find some of the best underwater welding school in America!

Best Underwater Welding Schools In California

National University Polytechnic Institute

Phone Number8004323483
Campus Address3570 Aero Court, San Diego, CA 92123
Duration30 weeks

NUPIs is a premier underwater welding school established in 2001 in Sunny Shores of San Diego, California. It offers a course of underwater welding following the guidelines of AWS D3.6 M 2010 Standard. This course is designed to learn high-quality shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) skills.

Course Specification:

  • This course accredited by AWS and ADCI
  • Emphasize learning high quality, defect-free, wet welding skills
  • 44000-gallon dive tank on the Kearny Mesa campus for hands-on underwater welding training
  • Prepare the welders to obtain a (3F) vertical welder certification in accordance with the testing and acceptance criteria of AWS D3.6 class B fillet welds.

Santa Barbara City College

Phone Number(805) 965-0581
Campus AddressMarine Technology Dept, 721 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93109
Duration32 weeks

Santa Barbara City College is a community college in California established in 1909. It offers extensive associate-degree and certificate programs. it has 3 well-facilitated campuses in California. Their certificate was accredited by the International Diving School Association (IDSA) and the association of diving contractor international (ADCI ).

Courses Under Marine Diving Technologies of SBCC :

  • MDT 100 Skin And Scuba Diving (1.8 Unit)
  • MDT 101 Information and Introduction to Marine Diving Technology (0.3 Units)
  • MDT 104 Fundamentals and Practices of Diving (2 Units)
  • MDT 105 Advanced Scuba Techniques (1.7 Unit)
  • MDT 106 Open Water Navigation And Rescue (0.7 Units)
  • MDT 107 Hyperbaric Chamber Operations (1.5 Unit)
  • MDT 108 Rigging (1 Unit)
  • MDT 109 Seamanship and Small Boat Handling (1.5 Unit)
  • MDT 111 First Aid For The Diving Professional (1.3 Unit)
  • MDT 112 Introduction To Marine Welding (1.1 Unit)
  • MDT 140 Principles Of Surface-Supplied Diving (1 Unit)
  • MDT 141 Commercial Diving Equipment (1.5 Unit)
  • MDT 142 Surface-Supplied Ocean Diving (1.8 Unit)
  • MDT 143 Mixed Gas Diving (1.1 Unit)
  • MDT 145 Principles Of Underwater Cutting And Welding (1 Unit)
  • MDT 146 Advanced Underwater Cutting And Welding (1.5 Unit)
  • MDT 147 Ocean Structures (0.5 Units)
  • MDT 148 Hydraulics I (0.74 Units)
  • MDT 152 Underwater Tools And Inspection (1.7 Unit)
  • MDT 154 Bell And Saturation Diving Procedures (1.7 Unit)
  • MDT 179 Nitrox Diving (0.8 Units)
  • MDT 190 Assessment And Development Of Diving Competence (1 Unit)
  • MDT 290 Work Experience In Marine Diving Technology (2-4 Units)

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