how to install ring floodlight cam without existing wiring

Installing a ring floodlight cam is a nice way to keep an eye on your home when you are away. Installing the cam is pretty straightforward and can be done without the need for any wiring work. 

And is what we will be discussing in this article how to install ring floodlight cam without existing wiring. Before installing you will want to identify a suitable place to mount the cam either on your front door or garage wall.

Once you have identified where you want to mount the cam, the next step is the actual installation process.

Materials/Equipment Needed

To install the cam there are some equipment and material you will need. These include the following items.

  • A blue plastic junction box for the switch
  • 25 ft Romex 14/2 gauge wire
  • One 4-inch round junction box
  • 2-inch UF adapter
  • Pull stitch and cover
  • Staples for wire and wire nuts
  • Power drill

Once you have the above materials together it is time to start the actual installation process. 

how to install a ring floodlight cam without existing wiring

installing ring floodlight cam without existing wiring

Step One: Find Power Source

The first thing to do is find a power source to connect the switch for powering the floodlight cam. You want a power source close to where you will install the cam. Make sure the socket you settle on has no power flowing to it.

Switch off power to the area from the breaker box. 

Step Two: Connect New Wires

On the existing junction box, you have selected to connect the cam to you will find three wires, copper, white and black. The copper is the ground, the white neutral, and the black hot. Connect the new wires to the appropriate ends i.e hot and neutral. The ground wires should be twisted together and fed into one ground wire location.

Step Three: Mount New Junction Box

Drill holes on the wall near the junction box you connected the wires to. These holes will be used to mount the junction box you have. The new junction box will contain the switch that powers the ring floodlight.

Step Four: Wiring The Switch

Connect the wire from the junction box to the switch. The hot wire from the box should be connected to the bottom of the switch. Twist together the ground wires, you can use pliers to assist in shaping the wires for easy attachment.

Tie together the neutral wires with a wire cap. The hot wire that goes to the ring cam will be connected at the top of the switch.

Step Five: Drill Hole

Use the drill to drill a hole in the wall where you want to install the floodlight cam. Next, mount the ring cam junction box with the UF adapter. Then attach the bracket that cam with the floodlight ring cam.

Tie together the neutrals and hot wires with the wire nuts that come with the floodlight cam. Connect the ground wire to the appropriate location.

Ring Floodlight Cam Installation Tips & Safety Precautions

  • When installing a ring floodlight cam ensure that the power to the junction box you are using is turned off. It is recommended to check if the junction box has electric current flowing through it before installing.
  • Mount the camera at least one meter from the ground. This positions the motion detector parallel to the ground, which is optimal for detecting human-sized objects.
  • The Ring floodlight cam is designed to work with 10 to 30 VAC power adapters and thus should work with either a 110 VAC or 220 VAC outlet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Ring floodlight cam be connected to a plug?

Yes, while the right floodlight cam is designed to be connected to a junction box you can connect it to a plug, and can be placed in a socket. All you need are the live, neutral, and earth cables.

Can I Install A ring floodlight cam with existing wiring?

The ring floodlight cam can be installed in the existing floodlight wiring without the need for additional wiring.

Can someone cut the outside wire of the Ring floodlight cam?

With proper installation, people can’t see any kind of wiring to cut on the ring floodlight cam. It is advisable to mount the wire to the back door to hide the wires.


The ring floodlight cam is a great way to keep an eye on your property at all times. And the best part is that this cam can be installed with or without existing wiring. Also, you can connect it to a plug or an existing junction box.

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