best soldering iron for automotive wiring of 2023

Your car’s wiring is as essential to it as your blood vessels and nerves are essential to your body. And maintenance of the wiring system and repairing faulty wires is crucial to the optimal functioning of your vehicle.

To fix your car’s wiring, you will need the best soldering iron for automotive wiring. There are quite a number of soldering irons available, but not all are the best for automotive repairs.

So we have decided to dip into the soldering iron market and find the best soldering iron. Obviously, there is no one overall best soldering iron, so we decided to present you with the 8 best.

A Quick View Of Our Top pick

Reviews Of best soldering iron for automotive wiring

Pulsivo Soldering Iron 60W Adjustable iron kit

It was honestly hard to find a soldering iron offering more value for money than the 60 w adjustable iron kit from Pulsivo. This kit comes with everything you need to get started at almost half the price of most soldering iron kits.

The kit includes an excellent quality solder wick and solder paste, which is plenty to last you for a while. There is also a multimeter that, to our surprise, was pretty handy. You also get 5 pcs of soldering iron tips.

In terms of temperature, this soldering iron does get pretty hot. It can reach temperatures of up to 450 degrees celsius. This is great for lead-free soldering solder used in most electronics nowadays. 

There are several other additional tools included in the kit. These include a small screwdriver, insulating tape, pen-shaped screwdriver, among others.

What I liked

  • Comes with all accessories needed to start soldering
  • The soldering iron has a high temperature enough to solder lead-free solder
  • For all the accessories included it is offered at a reasonable price
  • Comes with additional accessories such as mini screwdrivers
  • There is a multimeter included


  • The multimeter does not have a zero adjust for ohms
  • Some of the accessories are of low quality

Overall, the price and accessories it comes with make this a DIYer best friend. This is the suitable solder iron for the occasional soldering repairs on your car. You can also use it in other soldering applications around the house.

Q-MING Soldering Iron Kit, 60W Soldering Iron with Interchangeable Iron Tips

If you want a low-cost soldering iron for a quick soldering job or as your first soldering iron, then this 60 w soldering iron with interchangeable iron tips is for you. It is a reasonably inexpensive kit, and we honestly weren’t expecting much from it.

But for its price it is a surprisingly great product. It is a 110v pencil-type soldering iron with 6 heat settings. You can set it to 200 degrees or crank it up to 450 degrees celsius. Which is excellent for different soldering projects.

We liked the fact that it has an on/off switch, so it doesn’t need to be unplugged when idle. You also get 5 additional soldering tips and a decent amount of solder paste. It comes with all necessary accessories for most soldering projects.

What I liked

  • It is available at an affordable price
  • Can handle the same projects as pricier soldering irons
  • Has six different heat settings to adjust based on the soldering task at hand
  • Comes with five additional tips 
  • It is relatively lightweight, meaning no tired cramping hands.


  • There is no manual included, and it took some time and research to figure out what some of the accessories were for
  • The soldering wire is relatively thin and is 40% lead.

This soldering iron is the right fit for repairing small connections such as LED headlight adapters. It is small and inexpensive and performs better than what its price tag suggests. It is the best budget soldering iron for soldering small connectors.

ANBES Soldering Iron Kit Electronics, 60W Adjustable Temperature Welding Tool

The Antibes Soldering iron kit comes with all accessories neatly packed in a zipped bag. And inside this bag are all accessories you need to start soldering. And while it is built to be an inexpensive option, it can rival even the best professional soldering iron.

One of the best things about this soldering iron is that it heats up very quickly. By our estimates, it takes 30 seconds from plugging it in for it to heat up. It also does produce a lot of heat, enough for tinning 16 gauge copper wire.

Speaking of heat, it has six adjustable heat settings ranging from 200C to 450 C. But we found that the 350 C setting is sufficient for most automotive wiring repair tasks. The rosin-core solder wicks freely into the wire as well.

What I liked

  • Comes with 6 heat settings for adjusting based on need
  • There is an included finger stripper that works well on soft insulation
  • The soldering iron heats up pretty fast
  • The packages come with everything necessary for soldering
  • Comes with a case that makes transporting all accessories easy


  • The soldering stand is light, and the soldering iron tends to tip when placed in the holder.
  • The iron spring holder tends to loosen and move because it is attached with only one screw to the base.

This is the right soldering iron for making DIY repairs. If you plan to make wiring repairs in your car, this will be a great buy. It is affordable, gets the job done, and saves you a lot of money you could have spent at the mechanic.

YIHUA 926 III 60W Digital Display Soldering Iron Station Kit w 2 Helping Hands

Looking to upgrade from a soldering pen to something with a bit more control? The Yihua 926 II soldering iron station kit will be an excellent option. It will be a good step up from a cheap soldering iron.

The temperature range on this kit is impressive and ranges from 189 degrees Fahrenheit to 896 degrees Fahrenheit. However, we noticed that the temperature output is slightly off by 10 to 15 degrees celsius.

Though it is easy to correct this by turning it higher to compensate. The assembling is easy, and the included instructions do help with the process. It also comes with all accessories needed to start welding including, 2 helping hands and lead-free solder wire.

What I liked

  • Includes lead-free solder wire
  • Comes with an auto-off time with multiple settings
  • It is relatively easy to assemble
  • Has a wide temperature range
  • Comes with all necessary accessories


  • The temperature output is off, and you need to turn it higher
  • The two helping hands are a bit too short and flexible for specific projects

If you want a soldering iron station kit without breaking the bank, this will be a good option. It works well as an upgrade to simple solder iron. 

LEXICON Butane Soldering Iron Multi-Purpose Kit

Butane soldering irons can be tricky to use. HOWEVER, the LEXICON butane soldering iron kit is one of those that does not have most of the issues we have encountered with other butane irons. 

This multi-purpose kit is portable and comes packaged in a neat box, which is very convenient. But the best part is that it heats up very quickly. Compared to some other options we tested, this one fired up on the first try without any problems.

The package includes 7 replaceable tips, with one being a heat director. The included solder is kept inside a thicker than usual tube, which is another plus. There is also the tip sponge cup included.

What I liked

  • It heats up very quickly
  • The flame is adjustable from ½ inch to 2 ½ inches 
  • Has a larger tank capacity than most of its competitors
  • The butane tank is made from metal
  • Includes 13 piece accessories for different tasks


  • Requires highly refined butane to work and can clog up when you use cheap butane
  • The torch does not fit in the bag with the catalyst attachment on

It is always a good idea to have a soldering kit even in areas where access to electricity is limited. After all, you never know when you may need one. This butane soldering kit is the perfect option for soldering automotive wire if you don’t have an electric outlet nearby.

Weller WLC100 40-Watt Soldering Station

The Weller WLC100 40-watt soldering station is a good soldering station for its design. And what it is designed for are small-scale DIY projects, which you can tell by its rather small wattage.

But do not let that discourage you. It is available at a fairly inexpensive price of a soldering station. You can adjust the power from 5 watts to 40 watts. As for the temperature, it can get pretty hot with a high of up to 900 degrees.

The pencil-shaped soldering iron is very comfortable, especially for long usage. This is thanks to the cushioned foam grip. It also comes with a cleaning sponge for cleaning any unwanted residue.

What I liked

  • It is a compact and lightweight soldering station
  • The soldering iron is comfortable to use for long periods
  • It is available at a relatively affordable price
  • It is an ideal option for hobbyists and small projects
  • Has a wide temperature range


  • At 40 watts, it takes a bit of time to heat up 2 to 3 minutes
  • It is an analog station and does not have a screen to display temperature

Not everyone needs a high-end professional-grade soldering wire. For most, a basic station is just fine. And this is the best soldering iron for beginners and hobbyists. It can handle quite a number of projects.

Hakko FX888D-23BY Digital Soldering Station FX-888D

A little bit pricier than the others on the list, the Hakko FX888D-23BY is among the best soldering stations for automotive wiring repairs. And while its cost may discourage some people, it is well worth it.

The first thing we noticed was how fast it heats up. In about 45 seconds, it is already at 750 degrees Fahrenheit and ready to use. And as you would expect, it features a digital display for the temperature reading.

You can set the display in either Celcius or Fahrenheit. It also has a wide temperature range from 120 to 899 Fahrenheit. The iron holder is also quite heavy compared to those of cheaper options. As such, it does not tip over and can hold the iron with the sponge and the wire-type cleaner.

What I liked

  • Its heats up very quickly
  • Has five pre-programmed temperature settings to switch between
  • Has a wide temperature range for different applications
  • The iron holder is quite heavy and does not tip over
  • The soldering iron is comfortable to use and does not get hot during use


  • Making adjustments or programming the station is not intuitive
  • It can be challenging to remember the programming instructions unless you use it every day

If you want a soldering station that will last you for a very long time, then this is the right station. It is very well made and seems to be made of better materials than cheaper options. 

6-in-1 Soldering Gun Toolour Solder Gun Kit

This 6-in-1 soldering gun has a different design from the common pencil-shaped soldering iron. It uses a pistol-style grip and trigger that is easier to use than the pencil-like soldering iron. It also comes with several accessories you will find helpful.

It offers the ability to adjust how much and how fast the spool comes out. Furthermore, it has an adjustable temperature of 260 degrees Celsius to 480 degrees. As such, you can use it for different welding tasks.

A Desoldering Pump Solder Sucker is included, which is of good quality considering the kit’s price. It is made from plastic, which feels cheap. However, it should serve you well for a long time when well taken care of.

What I liked

  • Has an easier to grip pistol style iron design
  • Comes with a temperature range of 240 to 480 degrees celsius
  • Includes several useful accessories, including a desoldering pump solder sucker
  • Comes ready to use out-of-the-box
  • It is easy to use


  • It can get a bit too hot for some projects
  • The solder tube could be a bit sturdier

This 60-watt soldering iron is great for when you need to solder different appliances. This solder works well on automotive wiring as well as other materials. It is a great versatile option that is reasonably priced. 

What is soldering?

Before we get into the reviews, we need to understand the basics of soldering first, starting with what soldering is. Soldering is a process used to join two different types of metals together. The process entails melting a solder, which is a metal alloy typically made of tin and lead. 

The solder is melted using a hot iron and later cools to create a strong electrical bond between two metals. Top on the list is the Soldering Iron 60W Adjustable iron kit from Pulsivo; it offers a good heat range from most automotive wiring needs. 

It also comes with a lot of accessories to make your work easier. At position two is the Soldering Iron Kit, 60W Soldering Iron with Interchangeable Iron Tips, which also offers a good temperature range for automotive wiring. It also performs well and can match pricier models.

How does Soldering work?

How to solder automotive wiring

A soldering iron is used to heat the solder. The iron is usually connected to a temperature controller and heats the solder at temperatures beyond 600 degrees Fahrenheit. This causes the solder to melt.

When the solder cools, it creates the soldered joint between two metals. The solder typically has a flux material inside its core. The flux is used to strengthen its mechanical properties.

Types of soldering

There are three main types of soldering that, these are;

  • Soft soldering: This is the most common type and entails heating the solder at temperatures of 90 degrees Celsius to 450 degrees celsius. Solders used in this type are usually lead alloys. This type of soldering puts the least amount of thermal stress. However, it does not produce the strongest joints.
  • Hard soldering: Hard soldering entails heating the solder metal at temperatures above 450 degrees celsius. The solder metals used are typically brass or silver, and this type is also called silver soldering. A blowtorch is generally required to achieve the high temperatures needed for this type. 
  • Brazing: This type of soldering uses solders with a higher melting point than 450 degrees celsius. Like hard soldering, the solder metal isn’t heated; instead, the joined metals are heated, and the solder metal is placed between them and melts to form a joint. 

Uses of a soldering iron

A soldering iron is used to heat the solder above its melting point, causing it to melt and fuse with the metals being joined. The soldering iron is connected to an electrical supply at high temperatures.

Industries that use the soldering

Soldering is used in the electronics industry for making electrical connections. This also means it is used in the automotive industry to make electrical connections of electrical wiring. 

Soldering is also used by plumbers to join copper pipes. The process is also used in the making of certain jewelry. 

how To choose The best soldering iron for automotive wiring

So what should you look for when shopping for the best soldering iron for led strips? There are several things to consider, the most important being.


A soldering iron’s wattage indicates its power consumption. Whether automotive or otherwise, a wattage of 40 watts or 60 watts will be sufficient for home use. This will be enough for most applications that do not require high heat.

If you intend on heavy soldering an iron kit with a higher wattage will be required. But for most automotive applications, a 60-watt rating will be sufficient.

Replaceable tips

When you buy a soldering iron, it should have replaceable tips. Some of the best options will also feature additional tips. This allows you to replace the tips when need be. Also, there may come a time when you need to buy additional tips.

Temperature settings

The amount of heat required will depend on what you are soldering. Sometimes you will require a high heat output, and other times low temperatures will work better. For small projects, low temperature is recommended.

As such, it is wise to get a soldering iron with adjustable temperature settings. If you primarily work on small projects, a low-temperature setting is better. The adjustable temperature settings will allow you to adjust the temperature based on the task at hand.

Comfort of the soldering iron

The soldering iron needs to be lightweight and have a solid grip handle. This will make it easier to hold when soldering. Also, a lightweight iron will not make your hands tire when soldering for an extended period.


The soldering iron kit also needs to be portable, especially if you plan on using it in different locations. A carrying bag or case will also be important, making it easier to carry.

Accessories included

The accessories included with a soldering iron will be essential. The accessories should make it possible for you to start welding right away. Other accessories, such as a solder iron holder, will make your work easier.

The holding stand

The holding stand holds the soldering iron when not in use. Typically, this stant should be heavy enough to hold the iron without tipping over. This is not always the case, and most soldering irons feature lightweight stands that tip over when you place the soldering iron. 

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The best soldering iron for automotive wiring will make your repair work fast and more efficient. However, not all soldering irons are suited for automotive wiring. The 8 we have reviewed above will be an excellent option for most automotive wiring tasks.

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