7 Best solder for automotive wiring (2023)

Fixing damaged wiring or electric circuits in a vehicle will most likely require soldering. And this means you will have to buy solder to get the job done. There are many different kinds of solders on the market, however, not all are suited for automotive wiring.

For any soldering work on your car’s wiring, you will want the best solder for automotive wiring. To help you find the right solder for you, we have compiled a list of seven solders that are best suited for automotive wiring.

We have also included a guide on how to find the best solder for car wiring. Top on the list is the KESTER 24-6040-0027 wire solder. It has a decent 0.031-inch diameter and a 60:40 tin-lead composition and a high flux composition. It is also used by professionals and even the military.

For delicate and small microelectronics we picked the MAIYUM 63-37 Tin Lead Rosin core solder wire for electrical soldering (0.6mm 100g) in second place. It is thin and has a lower melting point than most and will not burn small and thin wires.

Best solder for automotive wiring review

Best Solder For Automotive Wiring

KESTER SOLDER 24-6040-0027 Wire Solder, 0.031″Dia

The KESTER Solder 24-6040-0027 solder is highly rated as one of the best solders for keyboards and other electronics. Measuring 0.80 mm in diameter and with a 60/40 tin lead composition. The 1 pound of solder you get per spool is quite generous.

It is more than what other solder brands offer. It has a lower melting point, meaning there is no risk of you burning your circuit boards while soldering. This solder is also available in a variety of sizes, but the 0.80 mm will be ideal for most applications.

What I liked

  • Comes in 1 pound per spool which is plenty for solders
  • The 3.3% rosin-core flux content means you do not have to add any more flux


  • Compared to the other options it is a bit pricey.

If quality is what you are after regardless of price, then this KESTER solder will be your best bet. It is the same type of solder used by the pros and even the military. 

MAIYUM 63-37 Tin Lead Rosin core solder wire for electrical soldering (0.6mm 100g)

A rosin-core solder with a 0.6mm diameter, the Maiyum 63-37 solder is one of the best for small circuit boards in your car. It has a composition of 63% tin and 37 % lead with a 1.8 rosin-core flux content.

One of the best things about this solder is how it flows. It flows well, and its low melting point of 361 Fahrenheit means there is no chance of burning electrical wires. The flux is also enough and there are no little tips left due to the lack of sufficient flux.

What I liked

  • Flows really well and is ideal for small electric projects
  • Has a low melting point that will not burn electric wiring when soldering


  • The solder is too thin for some applications

Given its diameter and melting point, this will be your go-to solder for soldering small electronic circuit boards in your car. 

YI LIN 60/40 Solder Tin Lead Rosin Core Solder Wire For Electrical Soldering

The Yi LIN 60/40 solder is a 0.8mm solder wire with a rosin core flux that is great for soldering electronics including your car’s electronic wiring. It flows well and requires minimal heat, which is what you want when soldering circuit board wirings.

It has a 60% tin and 40% lead composition and can be used to solder a wide variety of electronic components. It also creates nice connections with minimal residue.

What I liked

  • Melts at reasonably low temperatures making it ideal for electronic wiring
  • Flows very well and is a better option than cheaper lead-free options


  • For some applications, it may be a little bit too small

If you like to do repairs yourself, then you are going to love this solder. It is affordable and will be ideal for repairing circuit boards and other kinds of wiring in your car and other electronic components.

Crafts Store Rosin Core Solder Wire with 60-40 Tin Lead

The Crafts Store Rosin Core solder is quite thin at 0.5mm in diameter. So what can you use it for? It will be a good choice for electronics, circuit boards, car wiring, and guitars. It is a 60/40 rosin flux core wire.

And with a 2% rosin core flux content, you will not need any additional flux. And while we reviewed the 0.5mm it is also available in other thicknesses from 0.6mm to 1mm. 

What I liked

  • Is thin and will be ideal for small circuit boards and wiring tasks
  • Has a low melting point of 376 Fahrenheit


For small circuit boards and other delicate soldering tasks, you need a wire-thin enough to fit into small spaces. This thin wire will be your best choice for such tasks.

LEICOO 60-40 Tin Lead Rosin Core Solder

The LEICOO 60-40 tin lead rosin core solder is another that is designed for soldering electronic components such as your car electronics. It is 0.8 mm in diameter and will be big enough for most soldering projects.

In terms of composition, it is 60% tin and 40%lead. This makes it a low melting solder with a temperature range of 374 to 662 Fahrenheit. It flows very well and is easier to use than cheaper lead free options.

What I liked

  • Available at a reasonably low price
  • Very little residue and does not require cleaning after


  • It is a 0.11 lb spool which is quite small compared to other options

This is one of the best solder for guitar soldering and works well with electronics too. If you need something affordable for some quick soldering work, this will be an easy choice.

Forney 38073 Solder Rosin 1/16″, 4 oz.,

The 38073 solder from Forney is a tin-lead solder with a silver finish. Of all the different solders we tested this one was among the fastest melting. It bonds great and does not require additional flux.

It has a relatively low melting point of 375 Fahrenheit. And with a 0.063-inch diameter, it is quite thick and can be used for bigger soldering jobs. It is particularly great for vehicle and motorcycle harness repair works. 

What I liked

  • Does not require additional flux
  • Is quite thick and can be used for bigger soldering jobs


  • The roll is quite small compared to other solders

For the first-time soldering electrical wiring, you will need a solder that is easy to use and makes strong connections. This Forney solder fits the bill as it is cheap, easy to use, and makes strong joints.

DTS Solder Wire Tin Lead 40/60 Rosin Core 0.062-inch

The DTS solder wire is one of the best general-purpose solder wires you can buy. It is perfect for soldering wires together. And at 1.6mm in diameter, it is quite thick and can be used for soldering thicker wires.

1 pound of solder per spool will be sufficient for most applications and you will use it for quite some time. It has a melting pound of between 183 celsius and 188 celsius. As such it is also a great solder for circuit boards.

What I liked

  • Is quite thick making it ideal for bigger soldering jobs
  • Has sufficient rosin-core flux and no addition is required


  • Due to its thickness it may not be ideal for more delicate soldering tasks

An-all-round solder that will work perfectly on your circuit board as well as car electric wiring, the DTS solder wire offers great value for money as a general-purpose solder. 

Best solder for automotive wiring buying guide

To find the best solder for car wiring there are a couple of things you need to check. The main ones are;

Type of solder

There are two main types of solders: lead-based and lead free. Lead based solders contain tin and lead, while lead free contain tin and another metal not lead. Lead-based solders typically have a lower melting point than lead free.

For soldering electrical wiring in your car, a lead-based solder is ideal. The high melting point of lead-free solders can lead to the burning of the thin wires used in electrical wiring. However, lead solders pose health concerns as lead is an extremely toxic material. Therefore caution should be taken when handling these types of solders.

The diameter

For general purpose electronic wiring you want a solder with a diameter of between 0.062 inches and 0.032 inches. You can opt for thinner solder wires such as 0.002 inches if you are working on small microelectronics.

Melting point

For electrical wiring in a vehicle or any other kind of wiring in your car, a low melting point is needed. The wiring will typically not be as thick as saying a copper pipe. Therefore a lower melting point of about 370 Fahrenheit or lower is recommended.

Tin-lead percentage

For the best results use a solder with a 60:40 tin-lead composition. This means it is composed of 60% tin and 40% lead. You can find solders with a 63:37 tin-lead composition that will also work fine and will have a lower melting point than a 60:40.

Flux type

When it comes to flux type a solder can have either a rosin core or an acid-based flux. For wiring, a rosin-core solder is recommended over an acid-based flux. In terms of content, 1.8% or above flux content is sufficient.

Spool size

Lead-based solders tend to have a shorter lifespan than lead-free solder. Therefore the size of the spool you buy will also matter. If you are hobbyists doing the occasional soldering a 4 or 5-ounce spool will be ideal. You do not want to buy more than you need because lead based solders typically have a 6 month shelf life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of solder should I use for automotive wiring?

Use a rosin-core solder, the rosin-core flux will help clean the surface of the wires. The solder to use should be a 60/40 meaning it contains 60% tin and 40% lead and will typically melt at 370 Fahrenheit. 

Do you need to use flux with rosin core solder?

No, rosin-core solders contain a rosin-core flux inside the wire and do not require additional flux. 

best size solder for automotive wiring

For electrical wiring, use thinner solder of 0.6mm to 0.8mm and for thicker wiring or wiring harness you can use thicker solder of 0.8mm to 1.0mm

Tin/lead solder for automotive applications consists of approximately what percentage of tin to lead

Solders used for automotive applications contain 60% tin and 40% lead.


There are many different solders you can opt for when making repairs to your car’s electronic wiring. However, the 7 we have reviewed above will give you the best value, and are among the best solder for automotive wiring.

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