How to remove sharkbite fittings (Detail guide)

Sharkbite fittings are easy and quick to install, which is why they are popular with DIY plumbers. But how easy are they to remove? In most cases, these fittings are used as temporary pipe connectors. Thus there will come a time when you need to remove them.

Luckily the removal process is as easy as the installation. There are two options when it comes to the removal process. You can use a specialized tool, or if you do not have such a tool, you can use other general tools.

Let’s take a look at how to remove plastic sharkbite fittings with a specialized tool and how to remove one if you do not have any specialized removal tools. 

sharkbite fittings removal

How to remove sharkbite fittings with a special tool

There are 2 types sharkbite fittings removal tools on the market.

  1. Sharkbite Fittings Disconnect Clip Tool
  2. Sharkbite Fittings Disconnect Tongs

Removing The Fitting Using Sharkbite Disconnect Clip Tool

The first specialized tool you can use to disconnect sharkbite fittings is the disconnect clip tool. This tool is made from hard plastic and has the sharkbite logo on it. It works by releasing the teeth that grip the pipe. 

Here is how to remove a sharkbite fitting using this tool,

how to use sharkbite disconnect clip

Step One: 

The first step is to place the clip on the pipe you wish to disconnect a sharkbite fitting from. Ensure the sharkbite logo faces away from the fitting you want to remove. 

how to use sharkbite disconnect clip

Step Two: 

With the clip fitted around the pipe, press it against the disconnecting ring. At the same time, pull the pipe. The pipe should easily come off the fitting. 

This tool works best with sharkbite fittings that are 10 to 28mm in size. For larger fittings that are between 35mm and 45mm, you need another type of tool.

Removing A Fitting Using a Disconnect Tongs

How to use sharkbite removal tool (Tongs)

The disconnect tongs provide an easy way to remove sharkbite fittings from copper, PEX, CPVC, and HDPE pipes. So how does this tool work?

How to use sharkbite removal tool (Tongs)

Step One:

 Slide the tongs onto the pipe and fitting. The tongs will have two prongs, one silver in color and the other brass in color. The brass-colored side is for the fitting, while the silver side is for the pipe. Ensure the pipe side prong is properly clipped onto the pipe and the fitting side is attached above the barrel of the fitting.

Step Two: 

Next, press the tool’s handle until the release collar is compressed. Once this is done, pull the fitting away from the pipe. 

Step three:

 You can rotate the fitting or pipe as you are removing it to help make it easier for you. If the pipe does not detach on the first trial, remove the tool and reach it again. 

How to remove sharkbite fittings without a special tool

how to remove a sharkbite fitting without the tool

How to Remove A Sharkbite Fitting Using A Wrench

You can use an adjustable wrench if you do not have a special tool to remove your sharkbite fittings. This will work on different sharkbite fitting sizes. Here is how to do it. 

Step One: Take an adjustable wrench and slip it onto the pipe you want to remove. Ensure the wrench is pressed against the fitting collar. 

Step Two: Place two fingers on the fitting, with one holding the wrench attached to the pipe. Press the wrench against the fitting collar. Then pull the pipe from the fitting as you press it against the fitting collar.

Step Three: there will be a plastic part left inside the fitting, which you need to remove. Use a screwdriver and pull it from the fitting to remove it. 

How to Remove A Fitting Using A Pipe Clip

Another way to remove a fitting without a special tool is using a pipe clip. These are plastic clips used to hold pipes in place. To remove a fitting with this tool, attach it to the pipe. Make sure it snugly fits on the pipe.

Fit the clip so that next to the collar of the fitting. Then compress the collar of the fitting and push it out of the pipe while it’s compressed. 

How to Remove A Fitting Using a Hose Clamp

Apart from pipe clips, you can also use a hose clamp to remove a sharkbite fitting. The good thing about this option is that these clamps can be adjusted to fit different pipe sizes. To remove the fitting adjust the clamp to fit your pipe size. 

Once it is fitted to the pipe, use it to compress the collar of the fitting, and like with the clamp, slide the fitting out as you squeeze its collar. 

How to Remove A Fitting With A Bicycle Wrench

If the fitting you want to remove is too close to the wall to easily attach a tool or use a wrench or any other type of tool, your best option will be to use a bicycle wrench. Attach the wrench to the pipe, where the fitting connects to the pipe. 

Use the wrench to push the fitting away from the pipe. These wrenches come in varying sizes, so find one that fits your pipe. This option is perfect for DIY plumbers.

Removing A Fitting With Your Nails

You can use your nails if you do not have any tools for the job. Though a little bit unorthodox, it can be done. You can grab the collar of the fitting with your nails and push it inwards. Push the fitting itself towards the pipe as you do this to help release the fitting.

How to Remove a Sharkbite Fitting Using a Cord

A more complicated way of doing it is using a cord. Though difficult, this option is good if the fitting is close to the wall and difficult to attach any type of tool. With a cord, wrap it around the pipe near the fitting connection. 

Then use the cord to pull back on the collar and push the fitting out. This technique does not always work due to the cord being too weak or the placement. This should be the last option for removing a sharkbite fitting. 


Sharkbite fittings are mainly used as temporary connection options. As such, it is important to know how to remove them. Removing one is relatively easy, and you do not need a special tool for the job, as it can be done using other generally available tools. 

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